Clinical report

Scand J Work Environ Health 1997;23 suppl 3:65-67    pdf

Experiences from the amalgam unit at Huddinge hospital -- somatic and psychosomatic aspects

by Langworth S

The "amalgam unit" at the Huddinge University Hospital in Sweden examined 379 of 1300 patients referred for health problems which the patients related to amalgam tooth fillings. Toxicologic, clinical, odontological, and psychiatric examinations were performed. More than 30% had medical causes for their complaints; 7% had severe diseases which had been unrecognized. The most common symptoms were diffuse pain, general weakness, fatigue, headache, and difficulties in concentrating. Anxiety and depression were the most prevalent psychiatric complaints. The psychological examination revealed a high prevalence of somatization. The treatment was information about mercury and amalgam, appropriate odontological routines without removal of intact amalgam fillings, medical therapy when necessary, and strengthening of the patients' social networks. Ninety percent were satisfied with the treatment. The results indicate that there are various explanations for the complaints of patients fearing "amalgam disease". No cases of mercury intoxication were found.

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