CONTENTS — volume 23, suppl 3, 1997

Published: 1997


Somatization and fashionable diagnoses: illness as a way of life
Chronic fatigue syndrome: a 20th century illness?
Multiple chemical sensitivity: pseudodisease in historical perspective
The message of psychosomatic diseases
Psychosocial environmental factors and psychosocially mediated effects of physical environmental factors
Placebo -- the forgotten drug

Clinical report

Symptoms and differential diagnosis of patients fearing mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings
Experiences from the amalgam unit at Huddinge hospital -- somatic and psychosomatic aspects
Clinical features of multiple chemical sensitivity
Food intolerance and psychosomatic experience
Unemployment as a disease and diseases of the unemployed
Changes in health status and health behavior among Finnish adults 1978-1993
Clinical concepts and dilemmas between disease and averse life events
Technological stress: psychophysiological aspects of working with modern information technology

Concluding discussion

On the nature and origin of psychosomatic symptoms