Scand J Work Environ Health 1979;5 suppl 3:39-47    pdf | Issue date: 1979

Occupational rheumatic diseases and upper limb strain in manual jobs in a light mechanical industry.

by Kuorinka I, Koskinen P

The prevalence of occupational rheumatic diseases and the relation of the diseases to some specific work load factors were investigated. Ninety-three workers from a light mechanical industry were given a clinical, epidemiologic examination. General work methods were analyzed, and cycle time, mode of control, and the number of pieces handled/time unit were registered. The prevalence of tension neck was 61.3% and that of muscle-tendon syndrome 18.3%. The prevalences of other ailments were insignificant. The number of muscle-tendon symptoms correlated with the number of pieces handled. No other work load factors displayed a statistically significant relationship to the diseases. Tension neck had no relation to the weight/height index.