Scand J Work Environ Health 1978;4 suppl 2:215-219    pdf | Issue date: 1978

Some hygienic and clinical observations on styrene exposure.

by Axelson O, Gustavson J

Styrene exposure levels in the range of 100--300 ppm as an 8-h time-weighted average have been measured in small shops manufacturing glass fiber reinforced plastic products such as boats, steeping baths, etc. Exposure control through determinations of mandelic acid in the urine at the end of the workday has been found suitable and convenient. Over the years during the 1970s, there seems to have been amendments in the exposure situation in Sweden if judged from mandelic acid monitoring. More or less severe central nervous disturbances have been observed among the workers. Elevated levels of amino-transferases have been recorded but are of unclear long-term importance to liver function.