CONTENTS — volume 4, suppl 2, 1978

Published: 1978

Occupational hygiene
Styrene use and occupational exposure in the plastics industry
Monitoring of styrene exposure in the polyester industry.
Thermal degradation products of homopolymer polystyrene in air.
Pharmacokinetics, biotransformation and toxicity
The toxicology of styrene monomer and its pharmacokinetics and distribution in the rat.
Possible metabolic interaction of styrene with organic solvents.
Interaction of styrene and acetone with drug biotransformation enzymes in rat liver.
The role of glutathione in the toxicity of styrene.
Effects of thermal degradation products of polystyrene on drug biotransformation and tissue glutathione in rat and mouse.
Arene oxides in styrene metabolism, a new perspective in styrene toxicity?
Accumulation of styrene monomer and neurochemical effects of long-term inhalation exposure in rats.
Pharmacokinetics of inhaled styrene in rats and humans.
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in man
Styrene, its metabolism and the evaluation of hazards in industry.
Styrene, its experimental and clinical toxicology. A review.
Biological indicators of exposure in styrene polymerization workers. Styrene in blood and adipose tissue and mandelic and phenylglyoxylic acids in urine.
Styrene in subcutaneous adipose tissue after experimental and industrial exposure.
Evaluation of occupational styrene exposure by ambient air and urine analysis.
Mutagenesis, teratogenesis and carcinogenesis under experimental conditions
Effects of long-term oral administration of styrene to mice and rats.
Embryotoxic and teratogenic effects of styrene derivatives on sea urchin development.
Metabolism and mutagenicity of styrene.
Cytogenetic effects of styrene and styrene oxide on human lymphocytes and Allium cepa.
Acute biotoxic effect of styrene on rat liver. Correlation with enzyme-mediated mutagenicity of benzpyrene and acrylonitrile.
Mutagenicity of industrial compounds. VII. Styrene and styrene oxide: II. Point mutations, chromosome aberrations and DNA repair induction analyses.
Neurotoxicity of styrene
Neurotoxicity of styrene in occupational and experimental exposure.
Neurophysiological observations after chronic styrene exposure.
Psychological performance and electroencephalographic findings in occupational styrene exposure
Alcohol consumption and tolerance of workers exposed to styrene in relation to level of exposure and psychological symptoms and signs.
Morbidity of workers exposed to styrene
Morbidity among persons employed in styrene production, polymerization and processing plants.
Some hygienic and clinical observations on styrene exposure.
Health status of styrene-polystyrene polymerization workers.
Comments made at the end of the session
Mutagenesis, teratogenesis and carcinogenesis in man
Survey of mortality among employees engaged in the manufacture of styrene and polystyrene at the BASF Ludwigshafen works.
Epidemiologic investigations of styrene-butadiene rubber production and reinforced plastics production.
Mortality experience of styrene-polystyrene polymerization workers. Initial findings.
Two children with central nervous defects born to mothers exposed to styrene at work
Mutagenicity study of workers employed in the styrene and polystyrene processing and manufacturing industry
Chromosome aberrations in lymphocytes of workers exposed to styrene.