Scand J Work Environ Health 1978;4 suppl 2:203-214    pdf | Issue date: 1978

Morbidity among persons employed in styrene production, polymerization and processing plants.

by Thiess AM, Friedheim M

BASF has been producing styrene and polystyrene since 1931. An investigation of morbidity was undertaken for 84 workers employed in the styrene plant and exposed for 1--36 years and 93 workers employed in the polystyrene plant and exposed for 1--38 years. In all groups the concentration of styrene in the atmosphere was measured at various points of the workplace. All workers underwent a thorough physical examination and also extensive laboratory tests, including the determination of urinary mandelic acid. The absenteeism and accident rates were also taken into consideration in both plants. Blood samples were also taken and mandelic acid tests made on a small group of 16 persons employed in polyester processing plants not attached to the BASF.