Scand J Work Environ Health 1978;4 suppl 1:39-46    pdf

doi:10.5271/sjweh.2765 | Issue date: 1978

Diminished dynamic performance capacity of back and abdominal muscles in concrete reinforcement workers.

by Nummi J, Järvinen T, Stambej U, Wickstrom G

The dynamic performance capacoty of back and straight abdominal muscles was clinically examined examined in 295 male Finnish concrete reinforcement workers aged 19 to 64 years and engaged in heavy physical work including prolonged stooping. In 24% of the men both back and straight abdominal muscle performance capacity was reduced, in 18% only the capacity of the straight abdominal muscles, and in 4% only the performanoe of the back muscle. The prevalence of diminished trunk muscle performance capacity increased rapidly with age. Diminishhed back muscle performance capacity was associated with a history of sciatica (chi2 = 16.9, P<0.001) and diminished performance capacity of the straight abdominal muscles with a history of lumbago (chi2 = 5.9, P<0.02) after adjustment fur age. Diminished back muscle performance was assocated with backache (chi2 = 16.9, P<0.001) and sharp pain. In the back (chi2 = 4.5, P<0.05) during an ordinary workday, as was also dominished performanoe of the straight abdominal muscles (chi2 = 23.8, P<0.001 and chi2 = 7.3, P<0.01, respectively). No association between length of exposure to the back loads in reinforcement worikand the prevalence of dimfinished trunk muscle pedormance capacity could be established.