Key term: back

Original article 2014;40(3):252-265   pdf full text
Cost-efficient assessment of biomechanical exposure in occupational groups, exemplified by posture observation and inclinometry
Trask C, Mathiassen SE, Wahlström J, Forsman M
Original article 2014;40(1):74-81   pdf full text
Patient transfers and assistive devices: prospective cohort study on the risk for occupational back injury among healthcare workers
Andersen LL, Burdorf A, Fallentin N, Persson R, Jakobsen MD, Mortensen OS, Clausen T, Holtermann A
Original article 2013;39(1):37-45   pdf full text
Health-related effects of early part-time sick leave due to musculoskeletal disorders: a randomized controlled trial
Shiri R, Kausto J, Martimo K-P, Kaila-Kangas L, Takala E-P, Viikari-Juntura E
Original article 1975;1(1):40-44   pdf
Roentgenographic findings of the lumbosacral spine in preemployment examinations of lumbermen with special reference to spondylolisthesis.
Parvi V, Virolainen M
Review 1978;4 suppl 1:1-12   pdf
Effect of work on degenerative back disease. A review.
Wickström G
Article 1978;4 suppl 1:39-46   pdf
Diminished dynamic performance capacity of back and abdominal muscles in concrete reinforcement workers.
Nummi J, Järvinen T, Stambej U, Wickstrom G
Article 1978;4 suppl 1:54-58   pdf
Symptoms and signs of degenerative back disease in concrete reinforcement workers.
Wickström G
Article 1978;4 suppl 1:13-19   pdf
Load on back in concrete reinforcement work.
Saari J, Wickström G
Article 1978;4 suppl 1:47-53   pdf
Radiologically detectable lumbar disc degeneration in concrete reinforcement workers.
Wiikeri M, Nummi J, Riihimäki H, Wickström G
Original article 1981;7(1):18-30   pdf
Felling work, low-back pain and osteoarthritis.
Sairanen E, Brüshaber L, Kaskinen M
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