Author: Riihimäki H

Article 1978;4 suppl 1:20-28   pdf
Previous back syndromes and present back symptoms in concrete reinforecment workers.
Wickström G, Hänninen K, Lehtinen M, Riihimäki H
Article 1978;4 suppl 1:47-53   pdf
Radiologically detectable lumbar disc degeneration in concrete reinforcement workers.
Wiikeri M, Nummi J, Riihimäki H, Wickström G
Original article 2008;34(6):411-419   pdf
Occupational loading, health behavior and sleep disturbance as predictors of low-back pain
Miranda H, Viikari-Juntura E, Punnett L, Riihimäki H
Original article 2006;32(1):12-19   pdf
Cardiovascular risk factors and low back pain in a long-term follow-up of industrial employees
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Original article 2002;28(1):25-32   pdf
Physical workload and the risk of severe knee osteoarthritis
Manninen P, Heliövaara M, Riihimäki H, Suomalainen O
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Association between pleural plaques and coronary heart disease
Korhola O, Hiltunen A, Karjalainen A, Martikainen R, Riihimäki H
Article 1999;25 suppl 4:31-35   pdf
Musculoskeletal diseases - a continuing challenge for epidemiologic research
Riihimäki H
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New avenues in research on musculoskeletal disorders
Viikari-Juntura E, Riihimäki H
Original article 1998;24(5):358-366   pdf
Lumbar disc degeneration in relation to occupation
Luoma K, Riihimäki H, Raininko R, Luukkonen R, Lamminen A, Viikari-Juntura E
Original article 1996;22(4):251-259   pdf
Validity of self-reported physical work load in epidemiologic studies on musculoskeletal disorders
Viikari-Juntura E, Rauas S, Martikainen R, Kuosma E, Riihimäki H, Takala E-P, Saarenmaa K
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