Author: Virolainen M

Original article 1975;1(1):40-44   pdf
Roentgenographic findings of the lumbosacral spine in preemployment examinations of lumbermen with special reference to spondylolisthesis.
Parvi V, Virolainen M
1979;5 suppl 3:25-38   pdf
Epidemiologic screening of occupational neck and upper limb disorders. Methods and criteria.
Waris P, Kuorinka I, Kurppa K, Luopajärvi T, Virolainen M, Pesonen K, Nummi J, Kukkonen R
1979;5 suppl 3:48-55   pdf
Prevalence of tenosynovitis and other injuries of the upper extremities in repetitive work.
Luopajärvi T, Kuorinka I, Virolainen M, Holmberg M