Original article

Scand J Work Environ Health 1976;2(3):165-175    pdf

doi:10.5271/sjweh.2808 | Issue date: Sep 1976

Exposure to butyl alcohol: uptake and distribution in man.

by Åstrand I, Övrum P, Lindqvist T, Hultengren M

Twelve subjects were exposed to 300 or 600 mg/m3 of butyl alcohol in inspired air during rest and during exercise on a bicycle ergometer. Exposure lasted 2 h. The results were puzzling in view of the high blood/air partition coefficient for butyl alcohol. The arterial blood concentration was low. The concentration in the last part of the expired air, i.e., the ""alveolar'' concentration, was low. The quotient of ""alveolar'' concentration X 100/inspired concentration was low in relation to the low percentage uptake. However the high solubility of butyl alcohol in water may explain the results. Butyl alcohol was probably partially taken up in the water of the dead space mucous membranes during inspiration. It was then partially released from the membranes. Therefore the concentration of butyl alcohol in the last part of expiration was probably not the same as the concentration in the alveolar air.