CONTENTS — volume 2, no 3, 1976

Published: Sep 1976

Original article

Disturbances in psychological functions of workers occupationally exposed to styrene.
Neurophysiological findings among workers occupationally exposed to styrene.
A study on the mutagenic activity of styrene and styrene oxide.
Long-term exposure to jet fuel: an investigation on occupationally exposed workers with special reference to the nervous system.
Exposure to butyl alcohol: uptake and distribution in man.
Effect of a short, heavy exposure to lead dust upon blood lead level, erythrocyte delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase activity and urinary excretion of lead delta-aminolevulinic acid coproporphyrin. Results of a 6-month follow-up of two male subjects.
A method for determining benzo(a)pyrene in air samples collected on glass fiber filters in occupational areas.
Determination of exposure to electric fields in extra high voltage substations.