Scand J Work Environ Health 1998;24 suppl 2:10-16    pdf

Mortality update of workers exposed to acrylonitrile in The Netherlands

by Swaen GMH, Bloemen LJN, Twisk J, Scheffers T, Slangen JJM, Collins JJ, ten Berge WFJP, Sturmans F

A retrospective cohort study investigating the cause-specific mortality patterns of 2842 workers occupationally exposed to acrylonitrile for at least 6 months before 1 July 1979 was updated. The comparison group consisted of 3961 workers from a nitrogen fixation plant during the same time interval. Industrial hygiene assessments quantified past exposure to acrylonitrile, the use of personal protective equipment, and exposure to other potential carcinogenic agents. All 6803 workers were followed for mortality until 1 January 1996. The follow-up was almost complete (99.6%), and for 99.3% the cause of death was ascertained. Age distribution, follow-up period, and temporal changes in background mortality rates were adjusted for in calculations of standardized mortality ratios for separate causes of death. Cumulative dose-effect relations were determined for 3 exposure categories and 3 latency periods. The results showed that, although cancer mortality fluctuated slightly, no cancer excess seems related to exposure to acrylonitrile.

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