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Scand J Work Environ Health 1998;24(5):386-391    pdf

https://doi.org/10.5271/sjweh.359 | Issue date: Oct 1998

Cancer mortality of art glass workers in Tuscany, Italy

by Pirastu R, Bartoli D, Battista G, De Santis M, Iaia T, Orsi D, Valiani M, Tarchi M

Objectives This study considers the cause-specific mortality from cancer among art glass workers employed in 17 industrial facilities in Tuscany, Italy

Methods A cohort of 3390 workers, 3180 men and 210 women, employed at least 1 year, was taken from company payrolls. It was followed between the year each factory started operation, mostly the mid-1950s, and 31 December 1993. The cause-specific expected mortality from cancer was computed for men relative to Tuscany rates, specified for gender, 5-year age groups, and calendar year. Separate analyses were carried out for the job title of maker and former and for batch mixers

Results For 3180 men, the observed mortality was above the expected for larynx [standardized mortality ratio (SMR) 166, 90% confidence interval (90% CI) 90-282], lung (SMR 123, 90% CI 100-151), stomach (SMR 105, 90% CI 76-142), and brain (SMR 150, 90% CI 71-282) cancer. Increases for these causes were also found for the makers and formers. Mortality from larynx and lung cancer increased with latency, and significantly increased SMR values were observed for ≥21 years since first exposure. The increasing pattern was also present after adjustment for smoking.

Conclusion The results showed consistently increased mortality from larynx and lung cancer in the overall cohort and among makers and formers. Stomach and brain cancer was also increased in the overall cohort and among the makers and formers.