CONTENTS — volume 24, no 5, 1998

Published: Oct 1998


Psychosocial aspects of stress, health and safety on North Sea installations

Original article

Job strain and ambulatory blood pressure among female white-collar workers
Joint effect of shift work and adverse life-style factors on the risk of coronary heart disease
Lumbar disc degeneration in relation to occupation
The accident process preceding overexertion back injuries in nursing personnel
Validity of a self-completed questionnaire measuring the physical demands of work
Cancer mortality of art glass workers in Tuscany, Italy
Anthophyllite exposure and endemic pleural plaques in Kumamoto, Japan
Occupational skin and respiratory diseases among hairdressers
Year of birth and sperm count in 10 Danish occupational studies

Special section

45th (Nordisk Arbejdsmiljö Möde) Nordic Conference on the Work Environment and Health (NCWEH), Rebild Bakker, Denmark, 1-3 September 1997
Job demands, muscle activity and musculoskeletal symptoms in relation to work with the computer mouse
Validity and reliability of self-reported retrospectively collected data on sick leave related to musculoskeletal diseases
Suprathreshold intensity and annoyance reactions in experimental challenge to toluene and n-butyl acetate among subjects with long-term solvent exposure
Audit matrix for evaluating Finnish occupational health units