Author: Perski A

Original article 1984;10(6):373-380   pdf
On the interplay between socioeconomic factors, personality and work environment in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease.
Theorell T, Alfredsson L, Knox S, Perski A, Svensson J, Waller D
Original article 1988;14(3):189-196   pdf
Changes in job strain in relation to changes in physiological state. A longitudinal study.
Theorell T, Perski A, Åkerstedt T, Sigala F, Ahlberg-Hulten G, Svensson J, Eneroth P
Original article 1991;17(6):380-385   pdf
Job strain and ambulatory blood pressure profiles.
Theorell T, de Faire U, Johnson J, Hall E, Perski A, Stewart W
SJWEH Suppl 2008; (6):7-14   pdf
Interview with Töres Theorell
Perski A, reporter