Author: Matikainen E

Original article 1988;14(5):332-333
Peripheral nerve injury and Raynaud's syndrome following electric shock.
Kinnunen E, Ojala M, Taskinen H, Matikainen E
Original article 1994;20(1):1-12   pdf
Methodological approach to the evaluation of neurotoxicity data and the classification of neurotoxic chemicals.
Simonsen L, Johnsen H, Lund SP, Matikainen E, Midtgard U, Wennberg A
Original article 1994;20(4):279-285   pdf
Internal load of aluminum and the central nervous system function of aluminum welders.
Hanninen H, Matikainen E, Kovala T, Valkonen S, Riihimaki V