Author: Taskinen H

Original article 2010;36(3):222-230   pdf
Pregnancy outcomes among daycare employees in Finland
Riipinen A, Sallmén M, Taskinen H, Koskinen A, Lindbohm M-L
Original article 1987;13(4):363-366   pdf
Pathogenic and clinical aspects of polyneuropathies, with reference to the hand-arm vibration syndrome.
Juntunen J, Taskinen H
Original article 1988;14(5):332-333
Peripheral nerve injury and Raynaud's syndrome following electric shock.
Kinnunen E, Ojala M, Taskinen H, Matikainen E
Original article 1989;15(4):302-304   pdf
A possible case of mercury-related toxicity resulting from the grinding of old amalgam restorations.
Taskinen H, Kinnunen E, Riihimaki V
Original article 1989;15(5):345-352   pdf
Spontaneous abortions and congenital malformations among the wives of men occupationally exposed to organic solvents.
Taskinen H, Anttila A, Lindbohm ML, Sallmen M, Hemminki K
Original article 1990;16(3):163-168   pdf
Low birthweight, congenital malformations, and spontaneous abortions among dry-cleaning workers in Scandinavia.
Olsen J, Hemminki K, Ahlborg G, Bjerkedal T, Kyyronen P, Taskinen H, Lindbohm ML, Heinonen OP, Brandt L, Kolstad H, et al.
Original article 1991;17(2):95-103   pdf
Paternal occupational lead exposure and spontaneous abortion.
Lindbohm ML, Sallmen M, Anttila A, Taskinen H, Hemminki K
Original article 1992;18 suppl 2:27-29   pdf
Prevention of reproductive health hazards at work.
Taskinen H
Original article 1992;18 suppl 2:37-39   pdf
Effects of parental occupational exposure to solvents and lead on spontaneous abortion.
Lindbohm ML, Taskinen H, Kyyronen P, Sallmen M, Anttila A, Hemminki K
Article 2002;28 suppl 2:84-96   pdf
Effects of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke on reproductive health
Lindbohm M-L, Sallmén M, Taskinen H
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