Author: Anttila S

Original article 1993;19(2):102-107   pdf
Lobe of origin of lung cancer among asbestos-exposed patients with or without diffuse interstitial fibrosis.
Karjalainen A, Anttila S, Heikkila L, Kyyronen P, Vainio H
Original article 1994;20(4):243-250   pdf
Asbestos exposure and the risk of lung cancer in a general urban population.
Karjalainen A, Anttila S, Vanhala E, Vainio H
Original article 1996;22(1):34-38   pdf
Pulmonary asbestos bodies and asbestos fibers as indicators of exposure
Karjalainen A, Nurminen M, Vanhala E, Vainio H, Anttila S