Author: Vainio H

Commentary 2020;46(1):105-109   pdf full text
Public health and evidence-informed policy-making: The case of a commonly used herbicide
Vainio H
Letter to the Editor 2016;42(1):95-96   pdf full text
Response by the organizers of the Helsinki criteria updates 2014: Criteria for asbestos-related diseases need periodic updates
Wolff H, Vehmas T, Oksa P, Tuomi T, Rantanen J, Vainio H
Editorial 2015;41(1):1-4   pdf full text
Epidemics of asbestos-related diseases – something old, something new
Vainio H
Consensus report 2015;41(1):5-15   pdf full text
Asbestos, asbestosis, and cancer, the Helsinki criteria for diagnosis and attribution 2014: recommendations
Wolff H, reporter, Vehmas T, reporter, Oksa P, reporter, Rantanen J, reporter, Vainio H, reporter
Discussion paper 2010;36(5):422-429   pdf
Well-being at work – overview and perspective
Schulte P, Vainio H
Book review 1979;5(1):70-70
Methods of Carcinogenesis Tests at the Cellular Level and their Evaluation for the Asseessment of Occupational Cancer Hazards: Proceedings of the Meeting of the Scientific Committee on Occupational and Environmental Healht, Carlo Erba Foundation, Milan 4-6 Decenmber 1977.
Vainio H, reviewer
Original article 1976;2(3):147-151   pdf
A study on the mutagenic activity of styrene and styrene oxide.
Vainio H, Pääkkönen R, Rönnholm K, Raunio V, Pelkonen O
1978;4 suppl 2:156-162   pdf
Cytogenetic effects of styrene and styrene oxide on human lymphocytes and Allium cepa.
Linnainmaa K, Meretoja T, Sorsa M, Vainio H
1978;4 suppl 2:22-27   pdf
Thermal degradation products of homopolymer polystyrene in air.
Pfäffli P, Zitting A, Vainio H
1978;4 suppl 2:259-264   pdf
Chromosome aberrations in lymphocytes of workers exposed to styrene.
Meretoja T, Järventaus H, Sorsa M, Vainio H
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