Author: Vainio H

Commentary 2000;26(2):178-180   pdf
Functional foods - blurring the distinction between food and medicine
Vainio H, Mutanen M
Invited article 1999;25(6):498-504   pdf
Promise of molecular epidemiology - epidemiologic reasoning, biological rationale and risk assessment
Vainio H
Editorial 1999;25(3):161-162   pdf
Fruits, vegetables and pesticides - do we know what we are eating?
Vainio H
Meeting report 1999;25(2):157-159   pdf
International workshop on biomarkers for isocyanates
Vainio H, Rosenberg C, Hirvonen A, Norppa H
Editorial 1999;25(1):1-3   pdf
Biomarkers in the identification of risks, especially with regard to susceptible persons and subgroups
Vainio H
Review 1998;24(3):165-174   pdf
Occurrence, trends and environmental etiology of pancreatic cancer
Weiderpass E, Partanen T, Kaaks R, Vainio H, Porta M, Kauppinen T, Ojajärvi A, Boffetta P, Malats N
Review 1998;24(1):3-7   pdf
Environmental risk factors of breast cancer
Welp EA, Weiderpass E, Boffetta P, Vainio H, Vasama-Neuvonen K, Petralia S, Partanen TJ
Editorial 1997;23(6):401-402   pdf
A smoke screen to keep the controversy alive
Kobayashi F, Vainio H, Sasco AJ
Original article 1997;23(4):266-270   pdf
Trends in mesothelioma incidence and occupational mesotheliomas in Finland in 1960--1995
Karjalainen A, Pukkala E, Mattson K, Tammilehto L, Vainio H
Review 1997;23(2):83-92   pdf
Surveillance and intervention studies on respiratory cancers in asbestos-exposed workers
Merler E, Buiatti E, Vainio H
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