Author: Haglid KG

Original article 1984;10(2):89-93   pdf
Chronic effects of trichloroethylene upon S-100 protein content and lipid composition in gerbil cerebellum.
Kyrklund T, Goracci G, Haglid KG, Rosengren L, Porcellati G, Kjellstrand P
Original article 1985;11(6):447-455   pdf
Astrogliosis in the cerebral cortex of gerbils after long-term exposure to 1,1,1-trichloroethane.
Rosengren LE, Aurell A, Kjellstrand P, Haglid KG
Original article 1986;12(3):216-220   pdf
Chronic effects of dichloromethane on amino acids, glutathione and phosphoethanolamine in gerbil brain.
Briving C, Hamberger A, Kjellstrand P, Rosengren L, Karlsson JE, Haglid KG
Original article 1987;13(5):453-458   pdf
Effects of low-dose inhalation of three chlorinated aliphatic organic solvents on deoxyribonucleic acid in gerbil brain.
Karlsson JE, Rosengren LE, Kjellstrand P, Haglid KG
Original article 1988;14(2):91-94   pdf
Effects of exposure to Freon 11, 1,1,1-trichloroethane or perchloroethylene on the lipid and fatty-acid composition of rat cerebral cortex.
Kyrklund T, Kjellstrand P, Haglid KG
Original article 1990;16(6):423-427   pdf
Cerebrospinal fluid proteins in men with chronic encephalopathy after exposure to organic solvents.
Barregard L, Wikkelso C, Rosengren LE, Aurell A, Thiringer G, Nilson L, Sallsten G, Haglid KG, Blomstrand C