Author: Kjellstrand P

Original article 1980;6(1):40-47   pdf
Irreversible effects of trichloroethylene exposure on the central nervous system.
Kjellstrand P, Lanke J, Bjerkemo M, Zetterqvist L, Månsson L
Original article 1984;10(2):89-93   pdf
Chronic effects of trichloroethylene upon S-100 protein content and lipid composition in gerbil cerebellum.
Kyrklund T, Goracci G, Haglid KG, Rosengren L, Porcellati G, Kjellstrand P
Original article 1985;11(6):447-455   pdf
Astrogliosis in the cerebral cortex of gerbils after long-term exposure to 1,1,1-trichloroethane.
Rosengren LE, Aurell A, Kjellstrand P, Haglid KG
Letter to the Editor 1986;12(2):154-155   pdf
Comment on the interpretation of effects caused by chronic trichloroethylene exposure.
Kjellstrand P
Original article 1986;12(3):216-220   pdf
Chronic effects of dichloromethane on amino acids, glutathione and phosphoethanolamine in gerbil brain.
Briving C, Hamberger A, Kjellstrand P, Rosengren L, Karlsson JE, Haglid KG
Original article 1987;13(5):453-458   pdf
Effects of low-dose inhalation of three chlorinated aliphatic organic solvents on deoxyribonucleic acid in gerbil brain.
Karlsson JE, Rosengren LE, Kjellstrand P, Haglid KG
Original article 1988;14(2):91-94   pdf
Effects of exposure to Freon 11, 1,1,1-trichloroethane or perchloroethylene on the lipid and fatty-acid composition of rat cerebral cortex.
Kyrklund T, Kjellstrand P, Haglid KG