Author: Holmberg B

Letter to the editor 1977;3(3):160-162
Holmberg B
Original article 1977;3(1):1-15   pdf
Occupational health standards. An international comparison.
Holmberg B, Winell M
Original article 1977;3(1):43-52   pdf
A study on the distribution of methylchloroform and n-octane in the mouse during and after inhalation.
Holmberg B, Jakobson I, Sigvardsson K
Original article 1983;9 suppl 2:59-68   pdf
Retrospective cohort study of two plants in the Swedish rubber industry.
Holmberg B, Westerholm P, Maasing R, Kestrup L, Gumaelius K, Holmlund L, Englund A
Original article 1986;12(6):538-544   pdf
Mortality and incidence of cancer among Swedish rubber workers, 1952-1981.
Gustavsson P, Hogstedt C, Holmberg B
Original article 1987;13(6):505-512   pdf
Effects of exposure to vehicle exhaust on health.
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