Author: Ulfvarson U

Original article 1977;3(3):109-115   pdf
Statistical evaluation of the results of measurements of occupational exposure to air contaminants. A suggested method of dealing with short-period samples taken during one whole shift when noncompliance with occupational health standards is being determined.
Ulfvarson U
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Trace-element concentrations in blood samples from welders of stainless steel or aluminium and a reference group.
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Survey of air contaminants from welding.
Ulfvarson U
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Respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function among welders working with aluminum, stainless steel and railroad tracks.
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Assessment of concentration peaks in setting exposure limits for air contaminants at workplaces, with special emphasis on narcotic and irritative gases and vapors.
Ulfvarson U
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Effects of exposure to vehicle exhaust on health.
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Temporary health effects from exposure to water-borne paints.
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