Author: Acheson ED

Original article 1984;10(4):211-217   pdf
Mortality of English furniture makers.
Acheson ED, Pippard EC, Winter PD
Original article 1985;11(4):249-255   pdf
The mortality of boot and shoe makers, with special reference to cancer.
Pippard EC, Acheson ED
Original article 1986;12 suppl 1:85-93   pdf
Mortality study of workers in the man-made mineral fiber production industry in the United Kingdom.
Gardner MJ, Winter PD, Pannett B, Simpson MJ, Hamilton C, Acheson ED
Original article 1986;12(5):448-454   pdf
Mortality of workers exposed to 2 methyl-4 chlorophenoxyacetic acid.
Coggon D, Pannett B, Winter PD, Acheson ED, Bonsall J
Original article 1987;13(2):94-99   pdf
Mortality of workers exposed to styrene in the manufacture of glass-reinforced plastics.
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