Author: Coggon D

Editorial 2022;48(2):83-85   pdf
Estimating population burdens of occupational disease
Coggon D
Original article 2017;43(2):136-145   pdf full text
Sleep disturbance and the older worker: findings from the Health and Employment after Fifty study
Palmer KT, D’Angelo S, Harris EC, Linaker C, Sayer AA, Gale CR, Evandrou M, van Staa T, Cooper C, Coggon D
Original article 2014;40(1):36-46   pdf full text
Musculoskeletal pain in Europe: the role of personal, occupational, and social risk factors
Farioli A, Mattioli S, Quaglieri A, Curti S, Violante FS, Coggon D
Original article 2013;39(6):589-598   pdf full text
Health beliefs, low mood, and somatizing tendency: contribution to incidence and persistence of musculoskeletal pain with and without reported disability
Vargas-Prada S, Martínez JM, Coggon D, Delclos G, Benavides FG, Serra C
Original article 2012;38(6):577-581   pdf
Professional driving and prolapsed lumbar intervertebral disc diagnosed by magnetic resonance imaging: a case–control study
Palmer KT, Griffin M, Ntani G, Shambrook J, McNee P, Sampson M, Harris EC, Coggon D
Original article 2010;36(1):54-61   pdf
Work-related and psychological determinants of multisite musculoskeletal pain
Solidaki E, Chatzi L, Bitsios P, Markatzi I, Plana E, Castro F, Palmer K, Coggon D, Kogevinas M
Original article 1986;12(5):448-454   pdf
Mortality of workers exposed to 2 methyl-4 chlorophenoxyacetic acid.
Coggon D, Pannett B, Winter PD, Acheson ED, Bonsall J
Original article 1987;13(2):94-99   pdf
Mortality of workers exposed to styrene in the manufacture of glass-reinforced plastics.
Coggon D, Osmond C, Pannett B, Simmonds S, Winter PD, Acheson ED
Original article 1989;15(1):54-59   pdf
Occupational causes of low-back pain.
Walsh K, Varnes N, Osmond C, Styles R, Coggon D
Original article 1991;17(6):420-424   pdf
Interaction of height and mechanical loading of the spine in the development of low-back pain.
Walsh K, Cruddas M, Coggon D
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