Author: Jantti V

Original article 1986;12(4):307-312   pdf
Vibration syndrome among Finnish forest workers, a follow-up from 1972 to 1983.
Pyykko I, Korhonen O, Farkkila M, Starck J, Aatola S, Jantti V
Original article 1986;12(4):254-258   pdf
Cold provocation tests in the evaluation of vibration-induced white finger.
Pyykko I, Farkkila M, Korhonen O, Starck J, Jantti V
Original article 1986;12(4):395-399   pdf
Finger peripheral resistance during local cold provocation in vasospastic disease.
Pyykko I, Kolari P, Farkkila M, Starck J, Korhonen O, Jantti V