Author: Korhonen O

Original article 1976;2(2):87-95   pdf
Transmission of vibration in the hand-arm system with special reference to changes in compression force and acceleration.
Pyykkö I, Färkkilä M, Toivanen J, Korhonen O, Hyvärinen J
Original article 1977;3(4):225-233   pdf
Age and sex as determinants of the relative aerobic strain of nonmotorized mail delivery.
Oja P, Louhevaara V, Korhonen O
Original article 1978;4(2):122-130   pdf
Amount and distribution of welding fume lung contaminants among arc welders.
Kalliomäki P-L, Alanko K, Korhonen O, Mattsson T, Vääränen V, Koponen M
Original article 1978;4(3):246-254   pdf
A decrease in the prevalence and severity of vibration-induced white fingers among lumberjacks in Finland.
Pyykkö I, Sairanen E, Korhonen O, Farkkila M, Hyvärinen J
Original article 1980;6(2):112-122   pdf
Circadian variation of physiological functions related to physical work capacity.
Ilmarinen J, Ilmarinen R, Korhonen O, Nurminen M
Original article 1982;8 suppl 1:117-121   pdf
Respiratory status of stainless steel and mild steel welders.
Kalliomaki PL, Kalliomaki K, Korhonen O, Nordman H, Rahkonen E, Vaaranen V
Original article 1986;12(4):307-312   pdf
Vibration syndrome among Finnish forest workers, a follow-up from 1972 to 1983.
Pyykko I, Korhonen O, Farkkila M, Starck J, Aatola S, Jantti V
Original article 1986;12(4):254-258   pdf
Cold provocation tests in the evaluation of vibration-induced white finger.
Pyykko I, Farkkila M, Korhonen O, Starck J, Jantti V
Original article 1986;12(4):395-399   pdf
Finger peripheral resistance during local cold provocation in vasospastic disease.
Pyykko I, Kolari P, Farkkila M, Starck J, Korhonen O, Jantti V
Original article 1987;13(1):37-46   pdf
Circulatory and thermal responses of men with different training status to prolonged physical work in dry and humid heat.
Smolander J, Ilmarinen R, Korhonen O, Pyykko I
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