Author: Mattsson T

Original article 1978;4(2):122-130   pdf
Amount and distribution of welding fume lung contaminants among arc welders.
Kalliomäki P-L, Alanko K, Korhonen O, Mattsson T, Vääränen V, Koponen M
Original article 1978;4(4):275-283   pdf
Radiographic and physiological findings in patients with asbestosis.
Zitting A, Huuskonen MS, Alanko K, Mattsson T
Original article 1989;15(4):280-285   pdf
Radiographically detectable lumbar degenerative changes as risk indicators of back pain. A cross-sectional epidemiologic study of concrete reinforcement workers and house painters.
Riihimaki H, Wickstrom G, Hanninen K, Mattsson T, Waris P, Zitting A