Author: Ilmarinen R

Book review 1980;6(1):82-83
Indoor Climate: Effects on Human Comfort, Performance and Health in Residential, Commercial, and Light-industry Buildings
Ilmarinen R, reviewer
Preface 1989;15 suppl 1:3-3   pdf
Ilmarinen R
Original article 1980;6(2):112-122   pdf
Circadian variation of physiological functions related to physical work capacity.
Ilmarinen J, Ilmarinen R, Korhonen O, Nurminen M
Original article 1986;12(4):389-394   pdf
Vasomotor oscillation in vibration-induced white finger.
Pyykko I, Gemne G, Kolari P, Starck J, Ilmarinen R, Aalto H
Original article 1986;12(4):371-377   pdf
Circulatory reaction to heat and cold in vibration-induced white finger with and without sympathetic blockade--an experimental study.
Gemne G, Pyykko I, Starck J, Ilmarinen R
Original article 1987;13(1):37-46   pdf
Circulatory and thermal responses of men with different training status to prolonged physical work in dry and humid heat.
Smolander J, Ilmarinen R, Korhonen O, Pyykko I