Author: Ilmarinen J

Original article 2017;43(5):405-414   pdf full text
Work-related biomechanical exposure and job strain in midlife separately and jointly predict disability after 28 years: a Finnish longitudinal study
Prakash KC, Neupane S, Leino-Arjas P, von Bonsdorff MB, Rantanen T, von Bonsdorff ME, Seitsamo J, Ilmarinen J, Nygård C-H
Original article 2011;37(6):455-463   pdf
Work strain in midlife and 28-year work ability trajectories
von Bonsdorff ME, Kokko K, Seitsamo J, von Bonsdorff MB, Nygård C-H, Ilmarinen J, Rantanen T
Book review 1982;8(2):148-148
Studies of Shiftwork
Ilmarinen J, reviewer
Book review 1982;8(2):147-147
Night and Shift Work: Biological and Social Apsects
Ilmarinen J, reviewer
Original article 1980;6(2):112-122   pdf
Circadian variation of physiological functions related to physical work capacity.
Ilmarinen J, Ilmarinen R, Korhonen O, Nurminen M
Original article 1980;6(4):274-282   pdf
Occupationally induced stress, strain and peak loads as related to age.
Ilmarinen J, Rutenfranz J
Original article 1982;8(1):29-36   pdf
Heart rate as an estimator of oxygen consumption during manual postal delivery.
Oja P, Ilmarinen J, Louhevaara V
Original article 1984;10(6):403-408   pdf
Physical load on the cardiovascular system in different work tasks.
Ilmarinen J
Original article 1988;14 suppl 1:88-89   pdf
Physiological criteria for retirement age.
Ilmarinen J
Original article 1989;15(6):404-414   pdf
Physical work load, fetal development and course of pregnancy.
Nurminen T, Lusa S, Ilmarinen J, Kurppa K
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