Author: Kalliomaki PL

Original article 1982;8 suppl 1:117-121   pdf
Respiratory status of stainless steel and mild steel welders.
Kalliomaki PL, Kalliomaki K, Korhonen O, Nordman H, Rahkonen E, Vaaranen V
Original article 1983;9(2):176-180   pdf
Comparison of the behavior of stainless and mild steel manual metal arc welding fumes in rat lung.
Kalliomaki PL, Junttila ML, Kalliomaki KK, Lakomaa EL, Kivela R
Original article 1983;9(2):219-222   pdf
Lungco measurement of particles retained in the lungs.
Kalliomaki PL, Kalliomaki KK, Aittoniemi K, Korhonen OS