Author: Färkkilä M

Original article 1976;2(2):87-95   pdf
Transmission of vibration in the hand-arm system with special reference to changes in compression force and acceleration.
Pyykkö I, Färkkilä M, Toivanen J, Korhonen O, Hyvärinen J
Original article 1978;4(2):159-166   pdf
Grip force in vibration disease.
Färkkilä M
Original article 1978;4(4):330-335   pdf
Vasospastic symptoms caused by asymmetrical vibration exposure of the upper extremities to a pneumatic hammer.
Färkkilä M, Starck J, Hyvärinen J, Kurppa K
Original article 1979;5(4):368-374   pdf
Blood flow in the contralateral hand during vibration and hand grip contractions of lumberjacks.
Färkkilä M, Pyykkö I