Author: Sollenberg J

Original article 1976;2(3):185-189   pdf
A method for determining benzo(a)pyrene in air samples collected on glass fiber filters in occupational areas.
Sollenberg J
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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the occupational environment: with special reference to benzo[a]pyrene measurements in Swedish industry.
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A method for the determination of ethylenediamine in workroom air.
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Determination of dimethylethylamine in air samples from iron foundries by isotachophoresis.
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Original article 1986;12(1):66-69   pdf
Determination of N-methylmorpholine in air samples from a polyurethane foam factory. Comparison between two methods using gas chromatography and isotachophoresis for analysis.
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Original article 1986;12(2):149-153   pdf
Correlation of xylene exposure and methyl hippuric acid excretion in urine among paint industry workers.
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