Author: Hoff A

Original article 2022;48(5):361-371   pdf full text
Integrating vocational rehabilitation and mental healthcare to improve the return-to-work process for people on sick leave with stress-related disorders: results from a randomized trial
Hoff A, Fisker J, Poulsen RM, Hjorthøj C, Rosenberg NK, Nordentoft M, Bojesen AB, Eplov LF
Original article 1982;8 suppl 2:1-60   pdf
Degradation products of plastics. Polyethylene and styrene-containing thermoplastics--analytical, occupational and toxicologic aspects.
Hoff A, Jacobsson S, Pfaffli P, Zitting A, Frostling H
Original article 1984;10(3):163-169   pdf
Analytical, occupational and toxicologic aspects of the degradation products of polypropylene plastics.
Frostling H, Hoff A, Jacobsson S, Pfaffli P, Vainiotalo S, Zitting A