Author: Lindström K

1978;4 suppl 2:195-195   pdf
Psychological performance and electroencephalographic findings in occupational styrene exposure
Härkönen H, Lindström K, Seppäläinen AM, Asp S, Hernberg S
Original article 1976;2(3):129-139   pdf
Disturbances in psychological functions of workers occupationally exposed to styrene.
Lindström K, Härkönen H, Hernberg S
1978;4 suppl 2:196-199   pdf
Alcohol consumption and tolerance of workers exposed to styrene in relation to level of exposure and psychological symptoms and signs.
Lindström K, Härkönen H, Mantere P
Original article 1978;4(1):53-59   pdf
Exposure-response relationship between styrene exposure and central nervous functions.
Harkönen H, Lindström K, Seppäläinen AM, Asp S, Hernberg S
1981;7 suppl 4:48-53   pdf
Behavioral changes after long-term exposure to organic solvents and their mixtures: determining factors and research results.
Lindström K