Author: Berglund M

Original article 1991;17(1):65-74   pdf
Personal monitoring of lead and cadmium exposure--a Swedish study with special reference to methodological aspects.
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Original article 1993;19 suppl 2:14-20   pdf
Health risk evaluation of nitrogen oxides. Exposure.
Berglund M
Original article 1993;19(3):154-161   pdf
Blood lead concentrations of Swedish preschool children in a community with high lead levels from mine waste in soil and dust.
Bjerre B, Berglund M, Harsbo K, Hellman B
Supplement 1998;24 suppl 1:1-51   pdf
Health effects of cadmium exposure -- a review of the literature and a risk estimate
Järup L (, Berglund M, Elinder CG, Nordberg G, Vahter M