Key term: pilot study

Original article 2011;37(6):533-538   pdf
Maternal shift work during pregnancy and biomarkers of reproductive function among the male offspring – a pilot follow-up study
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Original article 2011;37(3):237-243   pdf
Lens opacities among physicians occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation – a pilot study in Finland
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Original article 1980;6(3):201-205   pdf
A pilot study on respiratory and digestive tract cancer among woodworkers.
Esping B, Axelson O
Short communication 2003;29(4):314-316   pdf
Mites in facilities for laboratory animals
Pennanen SMA, Harju ATK
Original article 1998;24 suppl 3:115-120   pdf
Effect of bright light at night on core temperature, subjective alertness and performance as a function of exposure time
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