Key term: lung tissue

Amendments and corrections 1981;7(3):240-240   pdf
Re: "Analysis of inorganic fiber concentrations in biological samples by scanning electron microscopy" by B Gylseth, RH Baunan, R Bruun. Scand J Work Environ Health 7 (1981) 101-108.
Gylseth B, Baunan RH, Bruun R
Original article 1981;7(3):190-195   pdf
Topographic and size distribution of asbestos bodies in exposed human lungs
Gylseth B, Baunan R
Original article 1979;5(3):290-296   pdf
Analysis of titanium pigments in human lung tissue
Ophus EM, Rode L, Gylseth B, Nicholson DG, Saeed K
Original article 1979;5(2):151-157   pdf
Determination of inorganic fiber density in human lung tissue by scanning electron microscopy after low temperature ashing.
Gylseth B, Ophus EM, Mowé G
Original article 1981;7(2):109-113   pdf
Inorganic fibers in lung tissue from patients with pleural plaques or malignant mesothelioma.
Gylseth B, Mowé G, Skaug V, Wannag A