Key term: symptom

Original article 1999;25(3):186-206   pdf
Exposure-response of asphalt fumes with changes in pulmonary function and symptoms
Gamble JF, Nicolich MJ, Barone NJ, Vincent WJ
Clinical report 1997;23 suppl 3:75-78   pdf
Food intolerance and psychosomatic experience
Vatn MH
Clinical report 1997;23 suppl 3:65-67   pdf
Experiences from the amalgam unit at Huddinge hospital -- somatic and psychosomatic aspects
Langworth S
Clinical report 1997;23 suppl 3:59-63   pdf
Symptoms and differential diagnosis of patients fearing mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings
Stenman S, Grans L
Original article 1995;21(2):124-133   pdf
Relationship of pesticide spraying to signs and symptoms in Indonesian farmers
Kishi M, Hirschhorn N, Djajadisastra M, Satterlee LN, Strowman S, Dilts R
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