CONTENTS — volume 22, no 3, 1996

Published: Jun 1996


Beta carotene and cancer: risk or protection?


Occupation as a risk factor for knee disorders

Original article

Prevalences of musculoskeletal disorders at the wrist as a function of angles, forces, repetitiveness and movement velocities
Terpene exposure and respiratory effects among sawmill workers
A thirteen-year follow-up of respiratory effects of acute exposure to sulfur dioxide
Occupational injuries in the Finnish furniture industry
Vibrotactile perception thresholds as determined by two different devices in a working population
Exercise testing of young, apparently healthy professional drivers
Accessibility and utilization of occupational health services

Short communication

Exposure to styrene and mortality from nonmalignant diseases of the genitourinary system

Case report

Is skull sawing by autopsy assistants overlooked as a cause of vibration-induced white fingers?