CONTENTS — volume 20, no 2, 1994

Published: 01 Apr 1994

Original article

Mechanisms of cardiac risk among professional drivers.
Prolonged exposure to gunfire noise among professional soldiers.
Hearing loss and handicap of professional soldiers exposed to gunfire noise.
Seven-year follow-up of white-finger symptoms and radiographic wrist findings in lumberjacks and referents.
Lymphocytopenia and occupational exposures among pattern and model makers.
Susceptibility to and incidence of hand dermatitis in a cohort of apprentice hairdressers and nurses.
Associations between organizational factors and safety and contingency measures on offshore petroleum platforms.
Associations between safety and contingency measures and occupational accidents on offshore petroleum platforms.
Exposure to power-frequency electromagnetic fields in Denmark.
Psychosocial stressors at work and musculoskeletal problems.
Pleural mesothelioma in a cigarette filter factory worker.