CONTENTS — volume 18, no 2, 1992

Published: 01 Apr 1992

Original article

Relationship of ergonomic stressors to birthweight and gestational age.
Cluster of brain cancers spuriously suggesting occupational risk among glassworkers.
Mortality study of ethanol and isopropanol production workers at two facilities.
Does long-term concrete work cause silicosis?
Effect of occupational exposure to cobalt blue dyes on the thyroid volume and function of female plate painters.
Magnitude of misclassification bias when using a job-exposure matrix.
Carcinogens in rubber production in the Soviet Union.
Sympathetic nerve activity in the skin in relation to vibration-induced white finger.
Antibodies against Yersinia among farmers and slaughterhouse workers.

Letter to the Editor

Cancer mortality and incidence in mastic asphalt workers.