CONTENTS — volume 18, no 4, 1992

Published: 01 Aug 1992

Original article

Clues to cancer etiology from studies of farmers.
Cancer incidence and mortality among Swedish Baltic Sea fishermen.
Occupational exposure to sulfuric acid in southern Ontario, Canada, in association with laryngeal cancer.
Empirical assessment of the effect of different summary worklife exposure measures on the estimation of risk in case-referent studies of occupational cancer.
An apparently incongruous exposure-response relationship resulting from the use of job description to assess magnetic field exposure.
Agreement on medical fitness for a job.
Lack of renal changes in stainless steel welders exposed to chromium and nickel.
Seasonal variation in neck and shoulder symptoms.
Electromyographic signs of shoulder muscle fatigue in repetitive arm work paced by the Methods-Time Measurement system.