CONTENTS — volume 35, no 3, 2009

Published: 00 May 2009


Settling the question – the next review on shift work and heart disease in 2019

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Shift work and the risk of ischemic heart disease – a systematic review of the epidemiologic evidence

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Sleep and autonomic nervous system changes – enhanced cardiac sympathetic modulations during sleep in permanent night shift nurses
Work characteristics as predictors of physiological recovery on weekends
Sleep duration and sleep-related problems in different occupations in the Hordaland Health Study
N-nitrosamines in the southern Swedish rubber industries – exposure, health effects, and immunologic markers
The occupational exposure of dermatology nurses to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – evaluating the effectiveness of better skin protection
Self-reported versus expert-assessed work-relatedness of pain in the neck, shoulder, and arm
Lifetime occupational history and risk of endometriosis