CONTENTS — volume 23, no 1, 1997

Published: Feb 1997


Lead and cancer -- association or causation?


Need for a European approach to the effects of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields on cancer

Original article

Mortality of Italian lead smelter workers
Cumulative lead exposure in relation to mortality and lung cancer morbidity in a cohort of primary smelter workers
Blood cadmium as an indicator of dose in a long-term follow-up of workers previously exposed to cadmium
Elevated serum levels of pantropic p53 proteins in chromium workers
Fibrosis of the lung and pleura and long-term exposure to wollastonite
Relationship between asbestos bodies in sputum and the number of specimens
Effects of work-related stress reduction on depressive symptoms among Japanese blue-collar workers

Short communication

Subjective symptoms among motorcycling traffic policemen


On the epidemiologic notion of confounding and confounder identification

Letter to the editor

The sex ratio of offspring sired by men exposed to wood preservatives contaminated by dioxin

Meeting report

ICOH'96 -- 25th international congress on occupational health