CONTENTS — volume 12, no 4, 1986

Published: Aug 1986

Original article

Pathophysiological and hygienic aspects of hand-arm vibration.
Fourth international symposium on hand-arm vibration. Helsinki, 6-8 May 1985.
Transcutaneous partial pressure of oxygen in the forearm in the determination of the hand-arm vibration syndrome
Usefulness of fingertip skin temperature for examining peripheral circulatory disturbances of vibrating tool operators.
Digital rewarming time in the assessment of vibration-induced white finger
Diagnostic method for the vibration syndrome with special reference to finger skin temperature and vibratory sense threshold
Cold provocation tests in the evaluation of vibration-induced white finger.
Treatments for vibration disease
Plasma and urinary catecholamine concentrations in patients with vibration syndrome before and after hospital treatment
A clinical assessment of seventy-eight cases of hand-arm vibration syndrome.
Vibration-induced effects caused by impact wrenches used in truck assembly
Defibrinogating therapy for peripheral circulatory disturbance in patients with vibration syndrome.

Case report

Vibration exposure - a modifier of the onset of amyloid polyneuropathy: a case report

Original article

Pathological changes observed in the finger biopsy of patients with vibration-induced white finger.
Dose-response relationships for hand-transmitted vibration.
Epidemiologic survey of vibration syndrome among riveters, chippers and grinders in the railroad system of the People's Republic of China.
Exposure conditions and Raynaud's phenomenon among riveters in the aircraft industry.
Vibration-induced white finger among selected underground rock drillers in British Columbia.
Occurrence of white finger in the gas industry
A follow-up study of vibration-induced white finger due to chain-saw operation
Vibration syndrome among Finnish forest workers, a follow-up from 1972 to 1983.
Follow-up study of patients with vibration syndrome in Japan.
Effects of impulse vibration on the hand-arm system
Impulsiveness of vibration as an additional factor in the hazards associated with hand-arm vibration.
Digital high-speed sampling of combined exposure to noise and vibration.
Handlebar vibration of a motorcycle during operation on different road surfaces.
Vibration from riveting tools in the frequency range 6 Hz-10 MHz and Raynaud's phenomenon.
Applications of hand-arm models in the investigation of the interaction between man and machine.
Elaboration of a standard procedure for the measurement of vibration emitted by percussive tools--application to breakers.
Chipping hammer vibration.
Accuracy of measuring impedance in the hand-arm system.
Transmission of hand-arm vibration to the head.
Physiological response of the rat to different vibration frequencies.
Association between vibration-induced white finger and hearing loss in forestry workers.
Circulatory reaction to heat and cold in vibration-induced white finger with and without sympathetic blockade--an experimental study.
Cardiovascular responses of vibration-exposed workers to a cold provocation test.
Peripheral circulatory and nervous response to various frequencies of local vibration exposure
Effects of different weight loads on the body during motorcycle riding.
Vasomotor oscillation in vibration-induced white finger.
Finger peripheral resistance during local cold provocation in vasospastic disease.

Administrative and judicial control of the hand-arm vibration syndrome in Japan

Original article

Canadian compensation law and vibration-induced white finger. A revised description.
Assessment of vibration levels associated with hand-held roadbreakers.
Responses of mechanoreceptive afferent units in the glabrous skin of the human hand to vibration.
Physiological noise and its influence on vibrotactile perception thresholds.
High-frequency vibration and sensory nerves
Measures of vibrotactile sensitivity in persons exposed to hand-arm vibration.
Assessing the severity of the neurological component of the hand-arm vibration syndrome.
Peripheral nerve responses to hand-arm vibration
Effect of local vibration on the brain monoamines of rats