CONTENTS — volume 11, no 1, 1985

Published: Feb 1985

Original article

Current trends in the biological monitoring of exposure to carcinogens.
Cancer incidence among workers exposed to radon and thoron daughters at a niobium mine.
Blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors of long-term exposure to lead.
Across-shift changes in the pulmonary function of meat-wrappers and other workers in the retail food industry.
Respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function among welders working with aluminum, stainless steel and railroad tracks.
Relation of mercury exposure to elemental mercury levels in the urine and blood.
Exposure and urinary excretion of aluminum during welding.
The urine mutagenicity assay system. Studies related to recovery, storage and concentration procedures.
Systemic reactions associated with polyisocyanate exposure.

Letter to the Editor

Toluene coma and liver function.
Man-made fibers and mortality

Grandjean E, reporter