CONTENTS — volume 23, suppl 1, 1997

Published: 1997


Eleven-year follow-up of aging workers
Tuomi K, guest editor


Aging and work -- coping with strengths and weaknesses


Finnish research project on aging workers in 1981--1992
Perceived work changes between 1981 and 1992 among aging workers in Finland
Life-style, aging and work ability among active Finnish workers in 1981--1992
Aging and changes in health
Changes in stress symptoms and their relationship to changes at work in 1981--1992 among elderly workers in municipal occupations
Changes in the work ability of active employees as measured by the work ability index over an 11-year period
Aging, work, life-style and work ability among Finnish municipal workers in 1981--1992
Summary of the Finnish research project (1981--1992) to promote the health and work ability of aging workers